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28. května 2008 v 20:56
full name: Bill Kaulitz Trümper
moniker: b-kay
date and place of birth: 01.09.1989, Leipzig
sibs: twin Tom
parents: Simone Kaulitz, Jörg Kaulitz (stepfather Gordon Trumper)
what does he do in band? he sings and writes lyrics
weight: about 53 kg
height: 188 cm
hair and eyes colour: naturaly blond, but now black hair, hazel eyes
hobbies: music & parties
favourite meal: pizza
idol: no
favourite music: green day, nena
vice: he sleeps a lot
what kinds of girls he likes: sexi girls who wearminiskirts, high heels and girls with childs face
what he hates: when the others lie
motto: leb´ die sekunde! - live every second!
Favourite song on Room 483
'Loved To Death'

Favourite part of Tokio Hotel
Performing new songs I´ve just written live

Favourite Tokio Hotel memories so far
The first time you do something is brilliant: in the studio, playing a gig, appearing on TV, first tour...

My goals for Tokio Hotel
We´re always setting new goals. As soon as we achieve one, we give ourselves another

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