Georg Moritz Hangen Listing

28. května 2008 v 20:59
moniker: when somebody wants to put back up his, he called Georgmorzo hagen
date and place of birth: 31.3.1987, Leipzig
sibs: no
what does he do in band? he plays the bass
weight: 72 kg
height:: 179 cm
hair and eyes colour: brown, gray-green
hobbies: sport, music and parties
favourite meal: pizza and noodles with Gorgonzol sauce
idol: no, but he likes Flea form Red Hot Chilli peppers
favourite music:kelly clarkson, oasis, black eyed peas
vice: when he overhears music, he starts ti dance
what kinds of girls he likes: sexi :) and original
what he hates: fraud
motto: Live your dream!
Favourite song on Room 483
I never get bored of playing `Raise Your Hands´ live

Favourite part of Tokio Hotel
I love the feeling of being on stage and can´t wait to hit the road again for our European tour. Being on stage every night and meeting fans, it´s just an amazing life.

Favourite band
At the moment it´s Fall Out Boy

Favourite song
It changes every day, according to the mood I´m in.

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