Gustav Klaus Wolfgang Schäfer

28. května 2008 v 21:00
full name:
Gustav Klaus Wolfgang Schäfer
moniker: juschtel :)
date and place of birth: 8.9.1988, Magdeburg
sibs: older sister Francizsca
what does he do in band? he plays the drums and funster of th team
weight: 65 kg
height: 170 cm
hair and eyes colour: blond, brown
hobbies: internet, music and cycling
favourite meal: lasagne
idol: lars ulrich (metallica)
favourite music: metallica, system of a down, michael bublé, kron, p.o.d.
vice: ----
what kinds of girls he likes: all
what he hates: when others sleep a lot
motto: It´s important, that everything ok!

Favourite song on Room 483
'Break Away'

Favourite part of Tokio Hotel
Same as the others –- playing live!

Favourite song
At the moment it´s `Hero´ by Nickelback

Best gig
Metallica playing in the Waldbuehne in Berlin on 06.06.06

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